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MJRW Boat Reservations
July 21, 2012

Dear Pleon Sailors and Parents,

Below is the boat reservation list for MJRW 2012;

420 Champ

David Zymba and Josh George boat 21

Ryan Walker and Alex Kerai boat 26

Jon Baker and Hale Davies boat 25

(P) Camille Homa and Cashel Rice boat 24

Kyle Kliss and Jake Pechet 6246, boat 22

420 Green

(P) Sam Thorn and Will Thompson boat 1

(P) Nick Panda and Nick Ivers boat 2

Rachel Foster and Jen Casey boat 23

George Sabin and George Ryan boat 4

(P) Ryan Callori and Katie Rodger boat 27

Kyle Aikman and Henry Martin boat 5

Jack Garrard and Emily Garrard boat 7

Olivia Indelicato and Michaela Towfighi boat 10


Stefano Pagain Opti 10

Jack Barker Opti 5

(P) Joe Colwell Opti 1

(P) Jack Colwell Opti 12

(P) Lucy Tedford Opti 6

Liam Gildea Opti 11

Max Frey Opti 9

John Lucas Opti 4

Dana McKinnon-Tucker Opti 8

(P) Dahlia Galante Opti 3

Jasper Beardslee Opti 15

Eric O'Connor Opti 14

Abi Borggaard Opti 7


(P) Ryan Hamilton Bic 1

(P) Sam Thompson Bic 2

Charlie Bushman Bic 3

Emma Bushman Bic 4

Sammy Farrar Bic 5

Cricket Tompkins Bic 6

Let me know if you have any questions.


Kyle Heffrin