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Week 1 Preview
June 22, 2012

Dear Pleon Sailors and Parents,

We just finished out first day of Pleon! Right before some nasty weather rolled in. Here's an overview of events for this upcoming week;

6/24- First Free Sail. Feel free to stop by the club Sunday morning and take any Pleon boat out for free sail. The club will be open from 9-Noon myself and some junior instructors will be here to assist with rigging and answer any questions you may have.

6/25- First Full Day of Pleon. There is a mandatory meeting for all 2011 Flag Officers at 12:30 in the clubhouse, contracts will be handed out for signing. To check the 2011 Flag Officers click on the url provided

6/26- Our first Terrific Tuesday will be Pirate themed, prizes will be awarded to the best costume! That night at 7:00pm we'll kick off our first Movie Night! All are welcome to attend and the movie will be picked by our House and Entertainment Committee at tomorrows meeting.

6/27Practice Wednesday Series. Our Race Committee will be breaking in our brand new Race Committee Boat for an afternoon of racing and BBQing after.

6/29- For you parents and alumni, Friday night starting at 6:00pm at Pleon; We will be kicking off Fourth of July weekend with a night of dancing, auctioning and Great Day activities for our first annual Great Night. For tickets and more information on the event please click on the url provided,

6/30 - We will be having our annual Carlton Trophy! We're hoping to have some alumni from Great Night stick around and race against some Pleon sailors.

Note - the Carlton Trophy starts out as a bracket style tournament where people single handedly race 420's off the Pleon dock. Winner will be recognized and award at the end of the year banquet. 

Just a quick reminder, if parents could please respect the boundaries of the notorious "Mommy Gate" that would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you have not yet done so, I strongly encourage you to check out our website, and like us on facebook as well, 

Enjoy the the weekend!


Kyle Heffrin