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Week 1 Preview
June 26, 2011

Dear Pleon Sailors and Parents,

Tomorrow we begin out first full day of Pleon! Despite the weather and ocean temperature on Friday we had a great turn out and a good time. Here's an overview of events for this upcoming week;

6/26- First Free Sail. Feel free to stop by the club this morning and take a boat out for free sail. We've got kids rigging up as we speak!

6/27- First Full Day of Pleon. There is a mandatory meeting for all 2011 Flag Officers at 12:30 in the clubhouse, contracts will be handed out for signing. To check the 2011 Flag Officers click on the url provided

6/28- Our first Terrific Tuesday will be Pirate themed, prizes will be awarded to the best costume! That night at 7:00pm we'll kick off our first Movie Night! All are welcome to attend and the movie will be picked by our House and Entertainment Committee at tomorrows meeting.

6/29- Practice Wednesday Series. Our Race Committee will be breaking in our brand new Race Committee Boat for an afternoon of racing and BBQing after.

7/1- For you parents and alumni, Friday night starting at 6:00pm at Pleon; We will be kicking off Fourth of July weekend with a night of dancing, auctioning and Great Day activities for our first annual Great Night

Just a quick reminder, if parents could please respect the boundaries of the notorious "Mommy Gate" that would be greatly appreciated.

Also if you have not yet done so, I strongly encourage you to check out our website, and there you will see a recent view of the harbor from my office.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Kyle Heffrin