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Pleon Housing Still Needed
May 26, 2017

Hello Pleon Families!

The season is coming up quickly and I am excited to get started, but in order to provide another fun summer of sailing there is one thing that we need to figure out.  Every year Pleon finds experienced, talented coaches from all over the world.  However, this is only possible thanks to the generous families who volunteer to house them for the summer.  Without them, our coaches are not able to work at Pleon.  As of now, we do not having enough housing for our coaching staff.  This is a serious concern and we are actively searching for more families to volunteer.  For many Pleon families, this has been an amazing experience and become yearly tradition.  It is an opportunity to help the Pleon program while getting to know some of our coaches in a whole new way.  

If you think your family might be interested, please reach out!  I am happy to connect you to families who have volunteered in the past so you can gain a better understanding of what it entails and get a first-hand account of what it might be like.

All of our coaches still in need of housing are young women ages 19-21.  Our biggest need is for the second half of the season (approximately July 22-program's end) as three or four host families can only have them for the beginning of the season.  One coach does have a car, so if any Swampscott families are interested, this would be a good year to do it.

General host family guidelines:

  • Your coach should have a private bedroom and access to a bathroom and the kitchen (accommodations do not need to be luxurious)
  • You will receive a stipend to offset the cost of food and incidentals
  • Host provide access to food for breakfast, dinner and weekend meals as needed, BUT you are not a maid or a short-order cook

Please contact Meredith Tedford if you can help us house some of our amazing instructors this summer.

Meredith Tedford


Chloe Brown