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Fall Sailing- Weekend 1!
September 11, 2015

Greetings Pleon Fall Parents and Sailors!

Tomorrow is our first weekend out on the water this Fall and it looks like we should have some great conditions! The green fleet will get started at 9:00AM tomorrow and run to 12:00 while our other classes will start up at 10:00 and go until 4:00. Sailors should come to Pleon prepared with a life jacket, boots, a watch, foul weather gear, and any extra under layers they may need. Sailors should also come prepared with plenty of water, snacks and a healthy lunch to keep their bodies fueled! 


Pleon is a unique club for junior sailors where they are able to grow and learn in an independent environment. The club is run by junior sailors and the Commodore is a senior in high school. This aspect of the club is what makes it great. We ask that you please help us preserve the Pleon Way by allowing your sailors to rig their own boats and solve their own problems with the help of their coaches only! There is a gate at the entrance of our property that we affectionately call the "Mommy Gate" during the summer. We ask that you please do not pass that gate as it is the reason Pleon is unique. The only exception to the rule would be Green Fleet sailors who have a boat on the dock and will need help getting it off the rack. 

We are looking forward to day 1 and getting back on the water!

Sail fast, 


Parker Dwyer
Executive Director
Pleon Yacht Club