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New Pleon Commodore!!!
August 12, 2015

Dear Pleon Parents and Sailors,
Commodore O’Connor here. Today Renee will be acting as my lowly assistant. Because I sold the most raffle tickets, 60, I am Commodore for the day. 
I’ve already made some positive changes around Pleon Yacht Club. To start off the day, when 2 staff members were late, I punished them with pushups. My Commodore’s Choice was “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles, a significant improvement compared to Renee’s music choice. I’m working on enforcing more strict litter policies. For every 10 pieces (instead of 3) of trash a member picks up they get a freeze-pop.
I have some improvements to make for the Pleon fleet of boats. First, the raffle money should be used to repair all the Pleon boats. We also need to start buying some better boats for Pleon. I have two suggestions. First, we need some classic yachts. Here’s what I’m thinking:
We also need to keep up with rapidly changing modern yacht designs. I’m thinking foiling boats. I think there’s room in the budget for a few Moths and a few AC72’s. See below for pictures.
All of my changes have been approved by the Pleon Board of Directors. I promise. Freeze-pops for all!!!!
Commodore Benjamin O’Connor