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Twas a busy week at Pleon
July 31, 2015

Hey Pleon!
Lots of exciting things.

The raffle drawing was today!! The winning ticket numbers are 2787, 2122, and 1821. I will be contacting the winners this weekend to congratulate them and discuss gift pickup. Check out our facebook page for a video of the drawing! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the raffle, and MOST of all, the sailors who sold the tickets. We raised over $7,370 for Pleon. I could not be more proud of all of you. Especially:

  1. Ben O’Connor- 60 tickets
  2. Elouise Goedkoop- 43 tickets
  3. Travis Ehrhardt- 33 tickets
  1. Intermediate- 211 tickets
  2. Opti 1- 159 tickets
  3. Beginner- 141 tickets


The Carlton Trophy was held this week, and we had a huge turnout. So big that we actually still have 3 races left in the tournament. Left still are: Reid Shanabrook, Coach Frankie, Coach Sam M, and Grant Adam. We had some parents and coaches out...big thanks to parent Ulf Westhoven for putting up a good fight.

Free Sail this Sunday, 9-12! Sail w/ Against Your Parents this Monday, 6-8pm.

SAVE THE DATES (will be explained further later):
August 14th- Great Day
August 17th - Commodore’s Ball
August 18th- Elections and Officer/Committee Member meeting
August 19th- Banquet and last day of Pleon

Please send me any MJRW pictures you’d like to share with me so I can add them to the Facebook pic album. I haven’t gotten any which makes me sad, because last year I got a ton.

Thank you!
Commodore Renee