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Pleon Canobie Lake Park Day!
July 17, 2015

Ahoy Pleon,

There is no Pleon class next week due to MJRW. But have no fear, we’re going to Canobie Lake Park together. Who doesn’t love Canobie Lake Park? Who doesn’t love hanging out with Pleon friends… outside of Pleon?! Come one come all (kids: rally your friends! rally your class! rally everyone you know!) to Canobie Lake Park on FRIDAY JULY 24th. 

The park opens at 11, so we’ll meet outside the main entrance at 11. If you are late, be sure to tell the park you are part of the Pleon group for a $10 discount.
We’ll meet up for lunch at Castaway Grill in the Water Park, at 1:30 (Top left on this map: MAP)
Lockers can be rented! Bring a towel, bathing suit, and sunblock. You cannot bring food/drink into the park.
Here’s the link for more details: Pleon will not be providing rides or supervision. Parents are welcome. 

I’m going! Sailors, imagine your class bonding and having fun at Canobie. So great. See you there!

Commodore Renee