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Pleon Boat Storage
June 8, 2015

Hi Pleon Parents and Sailors,

We are almost to our first day of Pleon! The weather is warm and the sun is high, I hope you are all excited. The Pleon coaches will arrive over the next week or so and our first day of work is Wednesday June 17th! If you have a boat which you plan to use at Pleon this summer that is the earliest you may drop it off. Any boat that is being stored at Pleon must be labeled with the sailors name, phone number, and class. Optis should be labeled on the stern as well as the mast thwart, 420's should be labeled on the stern. I also recommend that you label clearly ALL GEAR that you will have at Pleon. Thank you in advance for helping us stay organized!

If you have any questions about storage or Pleon in general please touch base at

See you on the water soon,


Parker Dwyer
Executive Director
Pleon Yacht Club