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Spring Sailing 4/18-19
April 17, 2015

Spring Sailors and Parents,

This weekend the spring Opti program will kick off on Saturday at 10:00 AM. Since it is our first day it would be good to show up a few minutes early to get boats off of cars etc. I ask that once the Optis are unloaded parents should allow the sailors to rig on their own. I will assist the sailors as they get set up but part of our Pleon tradition is that parents are as removed as possible from the set up process in order to develop independence and resourcefulness in our sailors. The curriculum tomorrow will start off with rigging and tuning and I will have a chance to reiterate the importance of being properly set up and how to do that. Sailors should be prepared with plenty of water/fluids, snacks and a lunch for a long day on the water. I typically have lunch on the water if weather permits.

420 sailors will be returning for practice on Sunday. All sailors should come prepared with a toolbox that contains pliers, tell tales(an old cassette works well), pins, electrical tape, ring dings, a knife, and a tape measure(At least 25'). We should also be prepared with a breeze/weather forecast for the day that is looked up before practice on Sunday. I use SailFlow and for my forecast.

I am looking forward to another weekend on the water! Let me know if you have any questions before we get out there.

Sail Fast,


Parker Dwyer