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Commy Checking In!
October 1, 2014

Hey Pleon!

It's been awhile! I hope your autumns have been going well so far and that you've all been getting out on the water while the warm weather lasts. Pleon's fall season is going well and has had a huge turnout. It blows my mind to think of how far Pleon has come since I was in Beginners. It's so sweet to see sailors getting more and more interested in sailing outside of our summer program!

Maybe you and your families also got on the water to watch the US Team Racing Championship for the George R. Hinman Trophy last weekend. The regatta launched out of Pleon and the regatta photos made me really really nostalgic, so I HOPE YOU WERE THERE WATCHING SINCE I COULDN'T GO.

All I really have to say is I miss everything Pleon and I hope you and your sailors are enjoying life right now! Feel free to email me with left-over questions and comments, or funny stories or college tips or notes from the kids. Missing Pleon so much!

Commodore Renee

PS. SOS SOS how do I seriously de-stink my sailing boots?? Send help, and in the meantime send prayers to my roommate