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Pleon Fall Sailing!
September 5, 2014

Pleon Fall Sailors and Parents,

The 2014 Fall program is just around the corner as we get started this Sunday September 7th at 10:00a. Pleon is very excited to be hosting a racing program that aims to heighten the level of sailing in the area. I(Parker) will be working with the Opti sailors on weekends and Wednesdays as well as 420's on Tuesdays. Our head 420 coach will be Alex Cook who is a recent graduate of Boston College where he was a 4 year varsity sailor and team leader. We are also fortunate enough to have a handful of junior instructors who will be assisting us this fall. All of our Junior Instructors are extremely talented youth sailors who have represented Pleon on a National level in both Opti's and 420's.

Before we get started this Sunday I wanted to lay out a few expectations and tell you all a little about Pleon and the program. The biggest and most unique aspect of Pleon is that it a junior yacht club-- The Commodore (Renee Torrie) just graduated from high school and all of our members are 21 years of age or younger. It is a club for kids by kids. During the summer months parents are not allowed passed the gate at the top of the ramp(we call it the "mommy gate") and this fall we would like to encourage parents to abide by that rule as well. Our goal is to create an environment where the sailors can develop a sense of independence and resourcefulness. We fully expect the sailors to rig their own boats and if they are in need of assistance to ask either a teammate or coach. Please make a strong effort to help preserve the unique experience that we strive to create!

We expect that sailors come fully prepared to sail everyday with the appropriate equipment. The following list outlines a handful of the essentials for a good practice:

  • LUNCH! Saturdays and Sundays are long days on the water and sailors will need fuel. Please have your sailors come with a lunch and try to pack it with healthy options(fruits, nuts, etc) and plenty of fluids!
  • Lifejacket-- no need to elaborate here.
  • Boots, spray pants, spray top, hat, sunblock and sunglasses(Polarized sunglasses are not only more protective but also help sailors read puffs/lulls better)
  • Layers-- As the Fall progresses conditions will get colder and it is imperative to have the right insulation for performance and safety reasons. Please be prepared and try to find non-cotton options.
  • A watch with countdown function

In addition to this list, 420 sailors should bring a trapeze harness if they have one. Pleon has a limited number of harnesses available to use but not enough for all sailors so please be prepared! Opti sailors should have their own boat which can be stored at Pleon for the Fall season-- If you do not have a boat you must contact me ASAP in order to make arrangements. Pleon has a number of club boats in varying condition but we prefer not to use them and will charge a check fee of $25/day to use them.

With all that said, welcome to Pleon for the Fall! we are thrilled to get going this weekend and are looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday. If you have any questions please contact me via email at



Parker Dwyer
Executive Director
Pleon Yacht Club