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Spectator Boats
July 17, 2012


At MJRW we try to provide an opportunity to connect parents who own boats and are going out to watch the regatta with parents who would like to get out on the water and see their sailor compete. This is a purely volunteer endeavor.


If you have your own boat and are planning to view the Regatta take in-town or out of town parents out to the same race line where you'll be watching your sailors. 

We have already gotten several requests from visiting parents and we would love to connect them with you.

There will be sign up sheets in the tent each day (on the Notice Board). 

Let us know if you are interested. Just e-mail us your name, boat name, the line you'll be viewing and the days you will be going out.

Then check under the tent each morning and see if anyone would like to go along.

This is wonderful way to show your Marblehead Hospitality!