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New Commodore!
July 9, 2012

Dear Pleon Parents and Sailors,

I regret to inform you all that there has been a coup lead by the Pleon sailors and myself, Nate Tedford. Commodore, Kyle Heffrin has been temporarily relieved of his position and will face a vote of confidence this afternoon in front of the Pleon Parliament. In the mean time I will be serving as the interim commodore.

We found Mr. Heffrin commit the following;

            Failure to provide us with freeze pops

            Allowing only Dave Matthews to be played in the clubhouse

            Swim test evasion for the past nine summers

            Embezzlement of $5,000 for ride-able seahorses

            Food Poisoning

            Not wearing shirts

On behalf of the Pleon members, I apologize for allowing these issues to go unnoticed for the past year. We are currently rendering our negligence and hope to solve this problem in parliament this afternoon.


Nate Tedford