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Important Dates
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Great Day/Commodores Ball
August 9, 2011

Dear Pleon Sailors and Parents,


We just wrapped up Great Day and it was infact a Great Day! We had great weather for cake fights, egg toss, mud wrestling, etc. Photos can be found online at the url provided,


On another note I have had some inquiries regarding the Commodore's Ball this Thursday. Here's the run down, the Hannah Glover will arrive at the Pleon dock at 7pm kids will walk down the pier pay $10 and walk onto the boat. Snacks and soda will be provided (free) The boat will come back to the dock at 10pm that night. The Ball is open to all kids and all sessions ages 12 and up. Members are allowed to bring one guest, however they will be responsible for that guest and their actions.  Attire, casually classy. Guys; collared shirt, tie, jacket etc. Girls; dress.


If you have any questions please contact me at



Kyle Heffrin