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The New Clubhouse
July 30, 2009

Behold the New Pleon Clubhouse!

We are proud and excited to be watching the Pleon sailors enjoy the 122nd year with a new clubhouse! When we set out to complete the building by the start of this season, we faced significant fundraising and logistical challenges.  However, with Pleon hosting the National Youth Sailing Championships in August, we felt that an accelerated schedule was well worth the effort. Some of the best sailors and their families from all over the country will compete in Marblehead this August and our new clubhouse will demonstrate this community's pride and commitment to our young sailors.

Although we had an accelerated schedule, we have reached 80% of our goal from the help of some very generous people and were able to secure short-term financing for the difference.   Happily, the building was completed on time and was ready for the more than 200 young sailors who started the Pleon program at the end of June.  

Our fundraising continues and we still need to raise the remaining $150,000 of the goal to satisfy the loan. We ask all who have contributed thus far to reach out to others in the community to contribute and to consider reaching into your own pockets again and donate any additional amount you can.  For those that have not contributed, we ask that you consider being part of the donor community, so we can include your name on the permanent plaque that will be displayed by the flag pole.  This is a very exciting time for Pleon and we hope you consider being part of the Pleon community. 

 Please visit the Pleon web site to make your donation: and also see the list of donors to date. If you have any changes  how your name is displayed on the donor list, please contact me at

 Thank you for your generosity and continued support of Pleon.


Elizabeth Blodgett Smith

Chair of Development