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Long Pond Marine Specials
December 16, 2008


   Hey everyone,

Long Pond Marine just sent me this email about their upcoming sales- hope you find it helpful!

Please post to Yacht club members,

Cash and carry holiday sale. If any of your members are considering replacing their outboards we are running a special. Please let us know as soon as possible, supplies are limited. These are NEW/CURRENT Yamaha outboards. A free PDI (pre-delivery inspection) is included in the price. Warranty is included, 3 year for personal or 1 year commercial for 4-stroke motors, on 2 strokes it is 2 year for personal or 1 year commercial. Thank you for considering this offer.

R&E's Long Pond Marine
120 County Road
East Freetown , MA   02717

Tuesday  To  Friday    9:00 AM ------ 5:00 PM
Saturday ---------------------9:00 AM-------3:00 PM
Sunday ---------------------CLOSED