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June 10, 2016

Dear Pleon Community, 

As we approach the start of our Summer program and transition from one season to the next Pleon will see a change of leadership. As many of you may be aware, Frank Pizzo will be assuming the role of Program Director for the Summer season and I will be moving on to a career elsewhere. Frank is an extraordinary coach and leader and Pleon is very fortunate to have him steering the ship for us this summer. I am excited to see the positive impact he will have on our organization, coaches, and ultimately our sailors. As my impending transition to the dreaded "Real World" nears ever closer I have had some time to reflect on my experience at Pleon. It has been quite the journey! Since 2012 our organization has been able to expand our offerings to more sailors with a larger geographic reach than ever before. Our Spring and Fall seasons continue to grow with each passing year and our Summer program continues to be one of the best in New England. Every year hundreds of young sailors have an opportunity to come to a club that they can call their own, where they are free to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, get in trouble(but not too much...), have fun, and learn not only how to sail but also the value of friendship, teamwork and community. It is a wonderful, beautifully chaotic place and I hope that will never change! 

It would be remiss of me not to mention the incredible impact that Pleon has had on my life. I certainly did not think back in February 2012, when I met with Lisa Garry-Seymour the first time about a spring clinic, that I would be here today writing this note after leading the organization for 2 plus years. My experience here has enabled some personal triumphs; most recently I bought a car(READ: I have a bike for you, Meredith), in 2014 I moved to Marblehead and a year ago on this date I proposed to my bride to be. From a professional standpoint there have been countless positive aspects of my tenure. By far and away, though, the most rewarding part of my job has been meeting and getting to know the many young sailors and their parents who have collectively taught me something new everyday and helped me grow as a person and professional. The Pleon community welcomed me with arms wide open and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity that has been afforded to me. I know that many of these relationships will continue for years to come and I am excited to watch as young sailors grow up, move on, and eventually do great things on and off the water! Thank you all very much, from the first timers to the racers and the parents all the way up to the Board of Directors past and present, for an incredible and transformative 4 years. I hope to see you on the water soon!



Parker Dwyer
Executive Director
Pleon Yacht Club