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Important Dates
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Race the Point!
August 10, 2015

Hi Pleon Parents, 

Wednesday, August 12 Eastern Point Yacht Club is hosting their "Race the Point Regatta" which is a great opportunity for young sailors to get low key racing experience. The regatta is FREE of charge and will be great for novice racers in Opti Green or sailors just making the transition to Championship line. You can find event details HERE!

If you are interested in going please fill out the following google doc: Race the Point

Sailors and parents will be responsible for their own transport to and from the event and it is unlikely Pleon can send a coach however we will try if enough sailors are interested and regular classes will have appropriate coverage. If you would like to use a Pleon boat for the event please use the following link for boat check out: PLEON BOAT CHECK OUT. Any Questions? Let me know!

Happy Sailing, 


Parker Dwyer