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Pleon Week 3!!
July 7, 2015

Howdy Pleon!

Starting on Thursday, we are sending off lots of Opti, Laser, and 420 racers to Hingham and New Bedford for regattas. Good luck to all sailors! It would be super sweet if we got more racers wearing the Pleon pinnies that are for sale at the Pleon Store. We paid a lot of money for this model to try it on for us: (kidding)

The Pleon Store is open on Wednesdays at the Mommy Gate at 9am dropoff, and from 12pm-12:30ish at lunchtime. Vice Commodore Rachel Foster and Rear Commodore Nicole Torrie are our Store staff for the summer :)

Coming up: On July 18th Pleon is hosting the Storm Trysail Club Jr. Safety @ Sea Seminar. We have four instructors coming up from Long Island Sound to run the day long program with classrooms sessions in the am. Mid-day they will be teaching all about life rafts and will fire one off dockside so that kids understand the dynamic, and can climb in and get a sense of what transpires when you need to grab your ditch bag and ditch. In the afternoon they'll teach kids to operate a diesel engine, and will include sailing on the big boats and practicing Quick Stop Man Overboard drills. The first 30 Pleon kids to sign up are $19, the rest are $39. Sign ups are at Pleon! Email me back with any questions!


Stay cool,

Commodore Renee