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Important Dates
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Pleon Week 1!
June 25, 2015



Hey Parents!

Week 1 is almost over, and it’s been a ton of fun. As I’ve walked around while classes are doing on-land drills and games, I’ve been extremely impressed. To teach the Beginners the points of sail, coaches Kate, Hannah, and Sam A cooked them up a “Wind Pizza.” And when 420-2 learned how to use the trapeze, coach Brad had them trapezeing on land. All week our staff of Instructors and Junior Instructors has been impressing me on and off the water. Hats off to them!

Maybe you’ve heard by now, but I start off every Pleon day with “Commodore’s Choice” (a song of my choice), and some trivia. Whoever names the song, or gets the trivia answer first, gets a freezepop. Freezepops are currency around here. Today a kid traded a slice of pizza for a freezepop. Last year we went through like 900 freezepops. Anyways, today’s trivia question was “What Pleon events are happening Friday, Sunday, and Monday?”

Friday: Officer Meeting. At Pleon at noon, all officers (committee members) please come to receive responsibilities and sign contracts for the summer. List of officers found HERE 

Sunday: Free Sail. *rare chance to cross the mommy gate* From 9am-12pm PARENTS and sailors and siblings, come on down to Pleon, rig up any boats you want, and sail around! This is an awesome way to see what your child has learned.  Junior Instructors will be on hand to help out. More info HERE
ps. here’s the wind forecast for Sunday morning. PARENTS THAT MEANS YOU SAILING OPTIS IS A GO.

Monday:  Sail w/ or Against your Parents Night. *rare chance to cross the mommy gate* 6pm-8pm. Extremely similar to Free Sail, potentially with a competitive edge. Junior Instructors will be on hand to help out.


Have an awesome weekend everyone! I truly hope to see you here on Sunday and Monday. Stay tuned on the Pleon calendar- we have events throughout next week too!

Thank you for reading my long email. Please keep reading them! I send em’ for a reason. As always, email me with questions.

Commodore Renee