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Pleon Fall Wrap Up
October 28, 2014

Pleon Fall Sailors and Parents,

Pleon would like to say "Thank You" for a fantastic Fall season. It was great to see so many sailors on the water every week and even better to watch as each sailor improved their racing skills. The Fall season provides us with an opportunity to expand the range of conditions we are able to sail in and every sailor did a good job taking advantage of that. This past weekend a group of sailors went down to the Halloween Howl in Newport and represented Pleon very well in extremely tough condition(Puffs over 20 knots on Sunday!). If you have some time check out the results Here! Congrats to all that sailed the event with a special shout out to Matt Safford/Emma Perry and Magdaleina Putnam as the top Pleon finishers in 420s and Optis respectively!

It is also important to recognize the huge role all of our coaches played in making this Fall a success. Coach Alex Cook did an outstanding job with the 420's and our Junior Instructors(Chris Manson-Hing, Will Hundahl, Clark Uhl and Peter Lynn) all made huge contributions to the success of our sailors. It would be rude not to include guest Coaches Alex Levin and Colin Smith who filled in a couple of days for the Optis and made a positive impact as well!

Pleon will be closed for the winter, but we plan to open back up this spring for more Opti and 420 sailing. We will be sending out information regarding the Spring program within the next couple of months and are hoping to see many of you out on the water! You can also check out our Facebook page from time to time for updates or email me with any questions.

Lastly, if you have any feedback on the Fall program we would love to hear your thoughts! Pleon's Fall and Spring programs are relatively new and we are always striving to make them the best experience possible for our sailors. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have thoughts on your experience. Thanks again and Happy Sailing!



Parker Dwyer