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Pleon Fall Sailing-- Week 3 Comes to a Close
September 25, 2014


Pleon Fall Sailors and Families,

This past weekend we saw some of our best conditions yet! With breeze out of the south/southeast and topping off in the mid teens there were plenty of waves and a handful of upside down boats! The optis ventured far out of the harbor to get a taste of open ocean sailing as did the 420 sailors at times. It was really important to note the importance of sail trim down wind in order to keep our boats stable.

Big Breeze + Big Chop = Flipping (if you don't control your main!)

Anytime your boat feels as though it may flip over the first reaction should be to trim the main(not move your body!) We saw everyone's body control, position, and main trim improve over the course of the weekend. It takes a ton of physical strength and mental focus to make the improvements that the coaches saw on the water!

The 420's were also a part of Bart's Bash-- A world wide sailing event that served to memorialize an Olympic sailor who passed away training in San Francisco prior to the America's Cup. It was great to see our sailors get out there and participate in such a great event. Our Opti Sailors were headed that way but unfortunately the race got started before our fleet could get to the start :(

Before I end, I want to remind everybody that there is NO PRACTICE this weekend due to the US Team Race Championship being sailed out of Eastern YC. Both Coach Alex and Parker will be sailing in the event. If you have some time, there will be a live stream of the event thanks to Charlie Van Dusen-- It can be found on Youtube at the "Nauticloud" channel. Take a minute to catch some of the action!

We will see our 420 sailors back next Tuesday and Optis on Wednesday.

Happy Sailing,


Parker Dwyer