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Important Dates
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Last Day!
August 20, 2014

Last day of Pleon! How did that happen??
Thank you all who came out to banquet last night. It was a pleasure to honor such an incredible group of kids we had this summer!

A few last notes:
Our lost and found is HUUGE. Right now it's all hanging on the Mommy Gate for you to pick up your stuff. We'll have it out tomorrow for pick up as well.
Please remove your private boats and gear from Pleon asap! Remember about lockers and blades/sails. We'd like to get as many boats outta here as possible today!! If that's unrealistic, please shoot for Friday.

Lastly, Opti/420 racers should consider participating in our racing-oriented Fall program! Info on the website has been updated here:

Thank you all for an unbelievable season!
Commodore Renee