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Important Dates
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Pleon Week 5
July 28, 2014

Hey Pleon!

Welcome back, and to our new Session 2 sailors/parents, WELCOME!

For those of you new to Pleon, I need to quickly go over a few things. Pleon is a junior yacht club, run by kids for kids. We really aim to promote independence and ownership in our members, and a fun way to do so - integral to Pleon tradition- is the "Mommy Gate" rule. At the top of the Pleon drive is a gate we call the Mommy Gate. We ask all parents to please not pass the gate, and allow Pleon kids to go about their day!

Pleon's website is extremely helpful and has info including the calendar for the season with all events.

Tonight, Sail with or against your Parents Night (SWOAYPN) is cancelled due to sketchy weather and lack of JI's to run it... Where are they? CJ Buckley Team Race Regatta! Good luck JIs!
Speaking of regattas, we recently had sailors at the Hyannis regatta, the DBMS regatta, and MJRW.  Congrats to all of Pleon's top finishers and to all who raced!

Tuesday the 29th: Movie night from 6-8:30, featuring the movie Chasing Mavericks. We have an awesome new TV, thank you to Ben Blaisdell for donating it and Chris Leake for installing it.
Tuesday is also Hawaiian Day, have morning session sailors come in their leis and grass skirts!

Wednesday the 30th: Wednesday Series continues for afternoon racing classes.

Sunday the 3rd: We are shooting to have a Free Sail on Sunday, 9-12. Just a Free Sail refresher: All Pleon members and parents are welcome to sail Pleon's boats! Between 9 and noon, the club will be open and Junior Instructors will be here to help with equipment, rigging and launching. JI's are not here to babysit, coach, or go out in coach boats.  Free Sail starts at 9 and all should be in and de-rigged by noon.

A last reminder that sailors should come to Pleon with weather-appropriate gear. We sail rain or shine, but in the case of thunder/lightning/dangerous conditions we do stay on land instead.

Thank you all! Here's to another great session of Pleon!
Commodore Renee