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Important Dates
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July 18, 2014


Today wraps up the end of the first session. It has been a fun-filled, enthusiastic, and super exciting four weeks. We went through 19 Commodore's Choices, around 400 freezepops, and sailed every single day but 1. We're halfway there!

MJRW is next week and I just want to keep you all informed! There are no normal classes next week. This place is about to be transformed. A huge white tent is going to be set up in the grassy knoll by the Eastern paddle hut, and Sunday afternoon thru Wednesday afternoon kids, boats, and craziness will be everywhere. We are looking forward to some fun and good racing! Just a reminder that Green Team and I are meeting at Pleon at noon tomorrow to tie-dye and have fun!

Linda Weiditz Memorial Regatta is happening now, hopefully it is going well!

Happy Friday,
Commodore Renee

PS. Carlton Trophy tonight 6-8pm whoooo!