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Important Dates
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Important Info before Pleon closes
August 23, 2013

Dear Pleon Sailors and Parents,

We are nearing the end of cleaning up the club for the winter and there are a few things you need to know about today:

  • The contents of the LOST AND FOUND are displayed at the top of the ramp on the gate at Pleon today. They have been up there all day for the past few days and today is the last day we will keep them there. This afternoon we will be taking all of the items to Good Will. If you potentially have things in the lost and found, please come down and check out the gate ASAP.
  • All PRIVATELY OWNED BLADES have been moved out of the club house and into the blade storage areas outside the club. We need the indoor storage for the off season so anything that was left behind has been moved outside.
  • All of the LOCKERS have been cleaned out. If there was a lock on it, we snipped it! The contents of the lockers have been put in the lost and found and are at the gate.

Private boats cannot live at Pleon for the year, you MUST take them home! If you are participating in fall sailing for Optis, you can leave your boat at Pleon until the end of the fall season. If not boats need to be moved ASAP! We understand people are on vacation in the last few weeks before school, which is fine. When you get back, please get down to Pleon to collect your private boats!

Thank you!!