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Important Dates
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Closing Time
August 21, 2013

Dear Pleon Parents and Friend,

The summer for Pleon is coming to a close as the last classes wind up today. Although the end of Pleon is always sad we have another summer to look forward to next year!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone- parents, kids, volunteers, instructors and board members alike- for all the help I received and for making this summer amazing. Being the Commodore for the past year has not only been incredibly fun but also a great learning experience for me.

Last Thursday Club elections were held. We had a great showing and the participation was awesome. A complete list of our 2014 flag officers can be seen here. During the elections Renee Torrie was elected Commodore! I am confident that she will be a great leader for the club next summer.

Now for a few reminders, tomorrow night is the banquet! The banquet is at the Marblehead High School and starts at 7:00pm and ends around 9:00pm.  Everyone should try and bring a dessert that can be added to the dessert table.

If anyone left anything of theirs at Pleon they should stop by Thursday or Friday. We will have the contents of the lost and found up again on the gate. Anything not claimed will be either thrown out or given to good will.

Thanks again for this amazing experience.


Aidan Bolster Kennedy