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Important Dates
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Commodore's Ball check list
August 19, 2013

Hello again!

Sorry to bombard your inboxes!

Commodore's Ball Check list:

  • Be at Pleon before 7PM for pictures, boat leaves the dock at 7PM.
  • The ball costs $15 to get in.
  • Light snacks will be provided on board by the Commodore (pretzels, munchies etc.) The Hannah Glover will also have sodas and snacks for sale.
  • You must be 12 and up to attend the Ball or in the Opti 2 class.
  • The boat gets back to the Pleon dock at 10PM
  • Attire for the evening is semi-formal. Ladies will wear dresses and gentlemen should wear shirt and tie, khakis, Nantucket reds, madras etc.  Just look nice!

Thanks and see you there!