Chubb US Junior Championships for the Sears, Bemis and Smythe Trophies

June 1, 2009

Dear US Junior Championships Competitors:

On behalf of the Chubb US Junior Championships Organizing Committee and the members of The Pleon Yacht Club, we along with our senior host clubs, Boston YC, Corinthian YC and Eastern YC, welcome you to historic Marblehead, Massachusetts. The Organizing Committee has been planning for this event for the past 12 months and we look forward to providing you with a fun and exciting event, with lots of opportunities for competitive sailing and making new friends.

Regatta Website

Information is currently posted on the Pleon YC website at Follow the link to the Chubb US Junior Championship page.  We will continue to update that website as more information becomes available.

Charter Boats

If you have any questions regarding your charter status or have a change in your plans, please contact the Regatta chairs, Peter and Mindy McManus at or the US Sailing office at

Airport information

Logan International Airport in Boston is located less than 30 minutes from Marblehead. Most major airlines serve Logan with regular flight schedules. You should check with a travel professional for specific arrival and departure schedules.


Any questions regarding ground transportation should be directed to Transportation Committee chair, Heather Dalton at or Regatta chairs Peter and Mindy McManus at  There will be detailed arrival information posted on the website shortly.  We are planning several trips from Logan Airport to Marblehead on Sunday, August 9th from 2PM through 7 PM.

If there is a flight delay or travel problem during your trip, contact any of the following for assistance:

Regatta chairs, Peter and Mindy McManus at

Peter McManus cell (617) 406-7855   Mindy McManus cell (617) 913-5833

Transportation Committee chair, Heather Dalton at

Pleon Yacht Club via telephone at (781) 631-1076

FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY,  PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT RIDES OR TRANSPORTATION, that has not been arranged by the Organizing Committee or Pleon Yacht Club.


The Transportation Committee will be providing transportation to Logan Airport on Thursday, August 13th in the evening and again on Friday, August 14th in the morning. Details will be posted to the website as soon as they are available.


Registration is scheduled for Sunday, August 9th from 2:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Please do not arrive prior to this time due to time and facility constraints. The registration process will review all forms to be certain that everything is complete and you will be issued a wristband for the event.  Once you have registered, you will receive your charter boat assignment and be introduced to your host family.


All competitors will be assigned to a host family who are responsible for housing only the competitors. We will not be responsible for housing other family members or friends. No alternative housing will be permitted.  If you have any questions regarding housing, please contact Xhazzie Kindle, chair of the Housing Committee at or via telephone at (617) 513-1184

Schedule of Events

Please refer to the schedule of events which is detailed as an appendix to this letter. We are planning four days of highly competitive racing to determine the winners in each fleet. On Monday, US Sailing will be hosting a half-day clinic. We have planned several evening events which will introduce you to Marblehead and its many sailing and racing traditions.


Alcohol and Drugs: the use of Alcohol or illegal drugs by any competitor will not be tolerated during the event. Offenders will be dealt with in strict accordance with the policy stated in The Notice of Race.


There will be a 10:00 PM curfew in effect for the regatta, which requires that ALL competitors must be where they are being housed by 10:00 PM each night of the regatta. There will be no exceptions. This is not an effort to curtail the fun; simply a precaution that is in the interest of your safety.

Being a Good Guest

Your host families are opening up their homes to you in an effort to make you more comfortable for the championship. Please treat them and their home with respect. Please be considerate of their home when you arrive with wet sailing gear and be considerate when listening to your ipod, etc. I know that they look forward to meeting you and will welcome you warmly.

Treating the Host Club(s) Properly

Pleon Yacht club is located on the property of the Eastern Yacht Club. The EYC has been our "landlord" for many years and we could not have survived and prospered without their continuous support. Boston YC and Corinthian YC have each been very helpful in this regatta and supporting junior sailing in Marblehead.  Please respect the various club properties and obey the rules for usage there. Tennis, pool and locker room facilities are for the use of the members and as such, are not available to competitors. If you need to be inside the senior club houses, please note that shoes and shirts are required at all times.

Personal Gear

Please mark your belongings in advance. We continually find clothing and equipment left around by the competitors. The items that are clearly marked get returned and the things that are unmarked do not.

Dress Code

During the evening, it is expected that all competitors will respect the spirit of the "smart casual" dress code for the event. Please use common sense when interpreting this rule and be aware that inappropriate dress not be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in your being sent home to change before attending the evening's event.


Meals for each competitor will be provided at no additional cost. Breakfast will be served at the regatta daily and competitors will have a wide selection of sandwich makings available for "make your own" lunches. Competitors will have dinner together each evening and more details will be available on the website shortly. If you have any questions or specific issues regarding food, please email Mindy McManus at

Medical Concerns

Each competitor must complete a medical form and send it to the Registration Chair,  Janet Drumm at, We expect to have a Medical Liason on site during the event. We will give your further details about this at registration.

Communication Center

There will be a Communication Center at the event, staffed by members of the Organizing Committee. Telephone messages can be delivered to the message center by telephoning  the Eastern Yacht Club at (781) 631-1400 during the hours of 9 AM to 9 PM. We will make certain that the messages get to the competitors from there. The event site is WIFI enabled so that competitors can send and receive emails onsite. We are planning to have computer access for email checking and competitors may bring their own computers as well. However, Pleon YC and Eastern YC cannot guaranty the safety of their computers while the competitors are sailing and we will not be responsible for lost or stolen computers.

Spectator Boats

We are planning on providing a spectator boat for each fleet. The sign up sheet for spectator boats will be available each day at the Communications Center. Spectators are expected to be responsible for their own food and should plan to bring their own PFD.  Please note that unauthorized spectator boats will not be allowed in the race area.

Other Questions

For answers to any questions that have not been addressed in this letter, please contact Regatta chairs, Mindy and Peter McManus at or by phone at (617) 406-7855.

We are very excited to be hosting this regatta along with the three senior clubs in Marblehead. The Sears Trophy was named after EYC Commodore Herbert M. Sears many years ago. The host clubs have sent many junior sailors though the qualification process and have a significant number of national champions in our midst. It is an important legacy that we hope will be strengthened by our hosting this year.

Sail fast and we look forward to meeting you all on August 9th here in Marblehead.

Mindy and Peter McManus
On behalf of our Organizing Committee

42 Foster Street, Marblehead MA 01945     781-631-1076
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