Code of Conduct

Each Marblehead Junior Race Week competitor pledges to uphold the spirit of this Code of Conduct. This Code is not a prescription for appropriate behavior, but rather a set of general principles to guide sailors' decision making when faced with situations that have ethical implications. Competitors have a right to a hearing if charged with a violation of this Code.

(Those in regatta-provided housing will also be presented with a separate Housing Code of Conduct.)

Terms and Conditions:
No competitor shall use or possess, either on or off the water, during Marblehead Junior Race Week: 1.) Marijuana or any other substance if possession is illegal under Massachusetts or federal law; or 2.) Alcoholic beverages. The penalty shall be that the competitor, after a proper hearing, be immediately removed from the regatta venue and, where practical, sent home. Any additional costs associated with enforcement of the penalty will be borne by the contestant.

All competitors are expected to maintain the highest level of conduct throughout the entire event. When the Protest Committee, from its own observation or a report received from any source believes that a competitor may have committed a breach of a rule, good manners, or sportsmanship, or may have brought the sport into disrepute, it may call a hearing. After a proper hearing the penalty may range from a reprimand to dismissal from the regatta and additional action may be taken under RRS 69.

Competitor's Agreement: As a Marblehead Junior Race Week competitor, I agree to comply with the restriction on drinking and the use of illegal drugs, and with the 10 p.m. curfew for the entire event. I also agree to share the responsibility for making the event run smoothly both on and off the water. In particular, I will respect my fellow competitors; I will respect property that is not mine; and I will respect the efforts of the event's hosts.

Parent's (Guardian's) Agreement: I have read the competitor's agreement above and the restriction on the use of alcohol and illegal drugs during Marblehead Junior Race Week. I fully understand that offenders of the restriction may be immediately removed from the racing and if practical sent home. I understand that I am responsible for the behavior of my child and liable for any damage to property they cause.

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