Medical Consent & Waiver of Liability

Medical Consent

In the event of accident, injury, or illness while on or about the premises of the Pleon Yacht Club while participating in an event under the auspices of the Pleon Yacht Club or Marblehead Junior Race Week, where I am unable to consent or am not present, I, the parent or legal guardian of the competitor, a minor, hereby:

1. Voluntarily consent to the furnishing of such medical care and treatment by any hospital or physician(s) as the hospital or physician(s) deem necessary or advisable.
2. Authorize any officer, member or volunteer of the Pleon Yacht Club or the Marblehead Junior Race Week to consent to such medical care or treatment.
3. Agree to pay the cost of such medical care or treatment and to indemnify and hold free and harmless of all liability for such cost the Pleon Yacht Club, the Marblehead Junior Race Week, and their respective officers, members, and volunteers.

Waiver of Liability

I recognize and understand that participation in this Regatta is voluntary and that my child incurs risk by participating, including the possibility of injury or death. In consideration of the acceptance of my child's entry, I waive, both for myself and for my child, any and all claims, charges, losses and liabilities including those caused by negligence, against the Pleon Yacht Club, the Marblehead Junior Race Week, and their respective officers, directors, contractors, employees, members and volunteers, that may arise from or in any way be in connection with the activities of Marblehead Junior Race Week. I am aware that the activities of my child may involve maneuvering a boat on water in potentially hazardous conditions which may include, among other things, cold water temperatures, strong winds, high waves, lightning, and collisions with other water craft or stationary objects such as docks, pilings, and buoys. I understand that I am responsible for the actions of my child while he or she is participating in the regatta both on land and at sea and that I am solely responsible for whether or not my child participates or sails each day.

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