The Pevear Bowl
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Commodore William Lewis Pevear presented the Pevear Bowl to the Pleon Yacht Club in 1963. This was the year the Pleon Yacht Club took over the complete responsibility of the Sailing Program. The Bowl was presented to reward enthusiam for sailing and racing among the members of Pleon.

The Bowl is a perpetual trophy to be awarded annually to that member, who in the opinion of the instructors, showed the greatest improvement in sailing and sportsmanship throughout the year.


1963 Stephen C. Krebs
1964 Janet Kaull, Missy Macleod
1965 Gary and Elly Bowne
1966 Billy Kaull
1967 Don Quill, Janet Bakey and Meghan Warner
1968 Sandy Tierney, Mitzi Kehn, and Carolyn Colby
1969 Sue Poor, Craig Huff
1970 Suze Connolly and Nat Hobson
1971 Nick Burke
1972 Vicki Skinner
1973 Whitney Slade
1974 Ann Mayer
1975 Barbara Toth and Caroline Tippetts
1977 Dan B. Rolsma
1978 Mike Lane
1979 Sean and Frank Hart
1980 Gretchen Howey and Meghan Warner
1981 Meredith Kimber and Melissa Welch
1982 Elaine McEntee and Nat Hobson
1983 Bonnie Eissner
1984 Mary Duggan
1985 Jen Wetmore
1986 Heather Bradley
1987 Greg Lidner
1988 Matt Velluto
1989 Stan Gelfer and Erin Cahill
1990 Adam Moore
1991 Lisa Keith
1992 Jane Loutrel
1993 Lauren Talbot
1994 Tom Miller
1995 Jennifer Doyle
1996 Lauren Gross
1997 Lindsey Rogers
1998 Jay Connolly
1999 Jamie Altreuter
2000 Andrew Focle
2001 Chris Snow
2002 Darby Smith
2003 Max Junda
2004 Brooke Grassberger
2005 Hannah Lynn
2006 Ryan Ford
2007 Charlotte Polk
2008 Peter Lynn
2009 David Kinney
2011 Dana McKinnon-Tucker
2013 Emma Bushman
2018 Eloise Goedkoop
2019 Bo Bauta

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