The Ajax Trophy
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The Ajax trophy is awarded each year to that individual who best embodies the principals of the Ajax Boat Company. That person must have a true appreciation for boats, sailing and the sea in a classic sense of yachting. His or her racing accomplishments alone cannot be the full measure, but his or her love of boats and willingness to participate in boating activities must to be taken into account.


1968 Don Quill
1969 John Blodgett
1970 Robin Muench
1971 Andy Norman
1972 Buddy Duncan and Bill Kaull
1973 Nick and Josh Burke
1974 Kevin McManus
1977 Susan A. Poor
1979 Kate Flather
1982 Matt Matteson and Ellen Emerson
1986 Gary Cohen, Andy Doben, Ryan Worobel
1987 Derry Mason
1988 Alex Arnould
1989 Ramsay Key
1990 Chris Gilman
1991 Courtney O'Connor
1992 Ryan King
1993 Brian Wilson
1994 Jason Salvo
1995 Jessica Clayton
1996 Matthew Hooks
1997 Francis Shiman-Hackett
1998 Matthew Hooks
1999 Sean Leake
2000 Leland McManus
2001 Kendall Reiley
2002 Ellie Myers
2003 Kyle Smith
2004 Alex Gardiner
2005 Tyler Shepard
2006 Gram Slattery
2007 Chris Remika
2008 Hillman Hollister
2009 Matt Felsenthal
2011 Bryce Andreasen
2018 Hunter Zonnenberg
2019 Jackson Morrissey

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© 2021 Pleon Yacht Club
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