The Snail Cup
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This is an annual competition for a trophy that commemorates the first flagship of the Pleon Yacht Club, former Commodore Arthur Goodwin Wood's Snail. The trophy was offered each season by the Club to be raced for by some outstanding and deserving class within the Pleon's fleet as chosen by the Race Committee in the best interest of the development of junior yachting. In recent years, this trophy has become the 420 club championship.

The Snail Cup was offered by the Club in 1927 for a series of team races and was won by Pleon Yacht Club. On it the names of subsequent winners are inscribed as a permanent record.


1928 Class T: Foam, W. Gardner Barker II Class O: ConCon, Peggy Creighton
1929 Brutal Beasts: Black Cat, Marion Leesson
1930 Brutal Beasts: Black Cat, Alfred Dix Leesson
1931 Herreshoff Class S: Woodcock, George R. Poor
1932 M-B Class Knockabouts: Comet, Parker H. Jones
1933 Brutal Beasts: Dixit, Richard W. Pierce
1934 Class T: Bandit, Arthur J. Santry, Jr.
1935 M-B Class Knockabouts: Jackanpes III, Eric Shepard
1936 Class T: Formosa, David O. Ives and Robert C. Seamans, Jr.
1937 Brutal Beasts: Bounding Claim, Hope Noyes
1938 Class T: Sabrina, George D. O'Day
1939 Brutal Beasts: Pokey, Frank Scully
1940 Brutal Beasts: Pokey, Frank Scully
1941 110 Class: Minx, Robert Coulson, Jr.
1942 110 Class: Mons Meg II, Clinton McKim
1943 Brutal Beasts: Bubble, Eugene T. Connolly, Jr.
1944 110 Class: Hapi, Bradley Noyes
1945 110 Class: Damfino, Bryon Wiswell
1946 Brutal Beasts: Swiftly, Stephen Smithwick
1947 110 Class: Ragamuffin, William E. Loring, Jr.
1948 Brutal Beasts: Bubble, Mary Lane Connolly
1949 Brutal Beasts: Wildcat, Donald Mackintosh, Jr.
1950 110 Class: Black Arrow II, Reginald Smithwick
1951 Brutal Beasts: Alymar, Arthur Libby
1952 Brutal Beasts: Skip Jack, Richard C. Marcy, Jr.
1953 Brutal Beasts: Spouter, Jonathan Wales
1954 Brutal Beasts: Spouter, Jonathan Wales
1955 Brutal Beasts: Spouter, Jonathan Wales
1956 110 Class: Black Mariah, Jonathan Wales
1957 110 Class: Flying Dutchman, Nicholas Kip
1958 110 Class: The Reason, Stephen Wales
1960 Robert Doyle
1961 Kip Searle
1962 Bluejays Class: Kip Searle
1963 110 Class: Don Baumrucker
1964 110 Class: Robert McCann
1965 110 Class: Carol Searle
1966 110 Class: Steve Smith
1967 Widgeon Class: Brad Smith
1968 Widgeon Class: Marvin Duncan
1969 420 Class: Tom Dimond
1970 420 Class: Don Quill
1971 420 Class: Peter Fernburger
1972 420 Class: Ross Reiley
1974 Billy and Bob Colombo
1975 420 Class: Peter Colombo
1976 420 Class: Russell Cooke
1977 420 Class: Cindy Douglass
1978 420 Class: John Hamilton
1979 420 Class: Rob Hallawell
1980 Rob Hallawell and Bob Winter
1981 Phil Beauchesne
1982 Rob and Hugh Hallawell
1983 Dave Nelson
1984 Andy and Chrys Wurmser
1985 Andy and Chrys Wurmser
1986 Andy and Chrys Wurmser
1987 Stu Wales and Sandy Olney
1988 Heather Cressy and Pem Huddleston
1989 Bonnie Eissner and Ian McLaughlin
1990 Robin Coxe and Stan Gelfer
1991 Andrew Turner
1992 Melinda Cahill and Phoebe Lynch
1993 Jason and Tyler Salvo
1994 David Welch and Meghan Boardman
1995 Adam Seamans and Elise Mazareas
1996 Jason Salvo and Tyler Salvo
1997 Kevin Dooley and Sebastian Shea
1998 Thomas Loutrel and Lauren Gross
1999 Jay Connolly and Nathan Warren
2000 Jay Connolly and Nathan Warren
2001 Robbie Gorman and Chris Greenough
2002 Gretchen Curtis and Kirby Williams
2003 Nat Taylor and Robbie O'Connor
2004 Rob O'Connor and Alex Junda
2005 Alex Cook and Darby Smith
2006 Kristen Altreuter and Ashley Noble
2007 Kristen Altreuter and Ashley Noble
2008 Gram Slattery and Connor Bair-Cucchiaro
2009 Ian Barrows and Andrew Riley
2011 Peter Lynn and Lydia Grassberger
2018 Eric O'Connor & Ryan Hamilton

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