The William Leeds Carlton Memorial Tournament Trophy
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The unique Annual Brutal Beast Tournament of Pleon Yacht Club originated in 1927, was given added significance in 1938 when the William Leeds Carlton Memorial Tournament Trophy was offered to the Pleon Yacht Club to perpetuate the memory of a Marblehead yachting official. William Leeds Carlton took a kindly and sincere interest in Pleon and the welfare of the Brutal Beast Class and this unique event in which he was a participant on several occasions. The names of all the past and future winners are inscribed on the Carlton Trophy and a suitable trophy is awarded to each winner for his or her permanent possession.

It is now regarded as the single handed sailing championship of Pleon. It is conducted on the same basis as a tennis tournament. Match races are sailed between paired-off contestants. The event has no age limit, and it is open to anyone who can distinguish the bow from the stern of a sailboat. No crews are allowed.


Winners of the Brutal Beast Tournament
1927 Margaret Emerson
1928 Harry B. Thayer, Jr.
1929 Harry B. Thayer, Jr.
1930 William Moseley
1931 George W. Wightman, Jr.
1932 Warren Boles
1933 Marion Leeson
1934 William T. Haley, Jr.
1935 J. Alden Haskell
1936 George R. Poor
1937 F. Stanton Deland, Jr.

The Winners of the Carlton Memorial Tournament
1938 George D. O'Day
1939 Robert N. Bavier, Jr.
1940 George D. O'Day
1941 Frank P. Scully, Jr.
1942 David Noyes
1943 John H. Blodgett, Jr.
1944 George D. O'Day
1945 Barbara Lane Connolly
1946 George D. O'Day
1947 John Marvin 1972 Joe Rinaldi
1948 Augustus L. Putnam, Jr.
1949 Barbara Lane Connolly
1950 George D. O'Day
1951 Frank P. Scully, Jr.
1952 Stephen Smithwick
1953 Frank P. Scully, Jr.
1954 Frank P. Scully, Jr.
1955 Bradley P. Noyes
1957 Nicholas Kip
1958 David Smith
1959 Carl Olsen
1960 Thomas Bernard
1961 Robert Doyle
1962 David Krebs
1963 Bill Pevear
1964 Leslie Krebs
1965 Stephen Krebs
1966 Robert Doyle
1967 David Halberstadt
1968 John Van Dusen
1969 Thomas Hildreth
1970 Richard T. Doyle
1971 Joe Rinaldi
1973 Bonnie Wiencke
1974 Sandy Tierney
1975 Theodore C. Cooke, III
1976 Ron Sandstrom
1977 Buddy Duncan
1978 Gerald Braun
1979 Chris Maxon
1982 Bob Winter
1986 Tobias Reiley
1987 Richard T. Doyle
1988 Judd Smith
1993 Seth Moulton
1994 Tyler Doyle
1995 Janet Doyle
1996 Thomas Loutrel
1997 John Campbell
1999 Seamus B. Kraft
2000 Wiley Wakeman
2001 Seamus B. Kraft
2002 David Curtis
2003 Matt Velluto
2004 Chris Greenough
2005 Jayson Herbert
2006 Bill Lynn
2007 Emlie Barkow
2008 Jamie Thompson
2009 Emlie Barkow
2011 Lydia Grassberger
2018 Wil Bedford
2019 Connor Goulet

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