Venture Trophy
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The Venture Trophy was offered to the Pleon Yacht Club at the conclusion of its Fiftieth Anniversary Year, 1937, by Fleet Captain Nancy Leiter in appreciation for what the Pleon had meant to her while a junior yachtswoman. It was donated to encourage sailing among the girls of the Pleon Yacht Club and their participation in the Mrs. Charles Francis Adams Cup races and eliminations.
It is to be contested for annually by the female sailors of Pleon. The names of winners are inscribed on the Venture Trophy, which remains in the permanent custody of the Pleon Yacht Club.

2019 Magdelaina Putnam & Courtney Hoguet
2018 Magdelaina Putnam
2009 Kristin Altreuter and Paula Grasberger
2008 Kristin Altreuter and Ashley Noble
2007 Kristin Altreuter and Merrill Pierce
2006 Ellie Myers and Michelle Tariverdian
2005 Kristin Altreuter and Maggie McMullen
2004 Kendall Reiley and Alex Romagnoli
2003 Kendall Reiley and Callie Naughton
2002 Gretchen Curtis and Sarah Halberstadt
2001 Kendall Reiley and Darby Smith
2000 Moira Talbot and Kate Hourihan
1999 Lauren Talbot and Margaux Smith
1998 Page Connolly and Jen Doyle
1997 Cristin Sager and Elise Mazareas
1996 Lauren Talbot and Moira Talbot
1995 Jen Young and Lisa Keith
1994 Erin Cahill and Lauren Talbot
1993 Meghan Boardman and Allegra Parisi
1990 Jane Loutrel and Meghan Boardman
1989 Beanie Eissner and Kirsten Bassion
1988 Beanie Eissner
1987 Heather Cressy and Jen Wetmore
1986 Bonnie Eissner and Jen Wetmore
1985 Heather Cressy
1984 Kate Flather
1983 Kate Flather
1982 Kate Flather and Tara Cassidy
1981 Ann Beauchesne
1980 Kate Flather
1979 Kate Flather and Beth Robie
1977 Ann Mayer
1976 Ann Mayer
1975 Cindy Douglass
1974 Jane Codman
1973 Suze Connolly
1971 Sue Poor
1970 Lisa D'Allesandro
1967 Janet and Nancy Kaull
1966 Sarah Boyle
1965 Lucy and Sarah Boyle
1964 Kip Searle
1963 Holly Harris
1962 Kip Searle
1961 Terry Radcliffe
1960 Ann Pevear
1959 Patricia Quinby
1958 Patricia Quinby
1956 Ann Moulton
1955 Gengean Keating
1954 Gengean Keating
1953 Kathleen McCann
1952 Nancy Paige
1950 Nancy Paige
1948 Peggy Lane Connolly
1947 Ellen Lane Connolly
1946 Joanne Norton, Corinne Alberg
1944 Barbara Lane Connolly, Margery Watson
1941 No Competition- Awarded to Pleon Yacht Clubs Women's crew, North Shore Champions
1940 Sally Smith, Ellen Lane Connolly
1939 Susan Smith, Sally Smith, Ellen Lane Connolly
1938 Mary Louies Stephenson, Jean McBeath, Hope E. Noyes

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