Margaret McKim Trophy
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To assist the advancement of the junior yachting program inaugurated in 1939, Captain Walter McKim of the Eastern Yacht Club presented to the Pleon Yacht Club a new perpetual trophy to be known as the Margaret McKim Trophy to be awarded each season for excellence in Coastwise Navigation and Piloting.

Since the 1960's the McKim Trophy has been awarded annually for excellence in crewing. The name of the winner will be inscribed on the trophy, which will remain in his or her possession until next won, and the winner will also receive a suitable permanent prize in token of his or her achievement.


1939 George O'Day
1940 George O'Day
1941 Charles Pickering
1942 Robert Coulson
1944 John H. Blodgett
1946 John H. Blodgett
1949 Randolph P. Barton
1951 John B. Newhall, II
1952 John B. Newhall, II
1953 Randolph P. Barton
1957 Stephen C. Newhall
1958 Donald Logan
1962 David Stebbins
1965 Jonathan G. Curtis
1966 Katherine Saunders
1967 Robert Shapiro
1969 Sally Poor
1970 Robert Shapiro and John Nystedt
1971 Ward Osgood
1972 Buddy Duncan
1973 Billy Colombo
1974 Bob Colombo
1975 Kip Boardman
1977 Mary Withum
1978 Tom Tompkins
1979 Doug Robie
1982 Beth Robie
1986 Chrys Wurmser
1987 Jennifer Wetmore
1988 Ian McLaughlin
1989 Ian McLaughlin
1990 Amy St. Clair
1991-1992 Nyla Saunders
1993 Tim Angle
1994 Meghan Boardman
1995 Lisa Keith
1996 Amanda Filoso
1997 Thacher Knight
1998 Lauren Gross
1999 Robert Morris
2000 Nate Warren
2001 Christopher Greenough
2002 Tripp Burd
2003 Robbie O'Connor
2004 Chris Burd
2005 Chris Burd
2006 Trevor Burd
2007 Ashley Noble
2008 Alex Whitmore
2009 Jordan Bothwick
2011 Brian Drumm
2018 Sam Bradley
2019 Gavin Dowley

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