The William Upham Swan Memorial Trophy and The Sportsmanship Medal
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The William Upham Swan Memorial Trophy was presented to the Pleon Yacht Club to preserve the memory of America's most famous yacht and Pleon's proud connection with her history. As a memorial to William Upham Swan on the year of his death, 1942, in recognition of his great services to junior yachting by the older members of Pleon who were associated with him as yachting journalists at Marblehead. The Swan Trophy model of the yacht "America", of which William Upham Swan was the last civilian commander, and on which the Pleon Yacht Club sailed from Boston to Marblehead on the first leg of her final voyage to Annapolis, September 10, 1921, is constructed from material taken from the yacht during extensive repairs at the Naval Academy in 1942. The underbody is mahogany from her cockpit, the topsides unpainted oak weathered black from her keel, and the sails pine from her rail. As commodore Swan was a lover of fair play in the sailing sport, it is fitting that this trophy should serve permanent record of those Pleon members whose acts have upheld the highest traditions and ideals of true sportsmanship.

The Sportsmanship Medal of the Pleon Yacht Club is a silver medal given only to junior yachtsmen of the club who perform some outstanding or noteworthy feat of sportsmanship. The act of sportsmanship must be genuine and unconscious. The winner of this high honor gains possession of the Swan Trophy until next won.


1926 Caroline Ticknor Hunnewell
1927 Caroline Ticknor Hunnewell
1928 Sherman Morss
1935 Arthur Phippen Poor
1936 Nancy Leiter
1939 Ellen Lane Connolly
1945 Joseph S.W. Parker
1951 David Nason Newhall
1952 Michael F. Kenney
1953 Stephen C. Newhall
1954 Stedman B. Amory
1955 Donald Logan
1956 Roger Stone and Geoffrey Mason
1957 James Whipple
1958 Thomas Welch
1959 Joan Thayer
1961 Philip E. Miller
1965 Harald Hansen
1966 Robert E. Doyle
1967 Richard T. Doyle
1968 Vernon L. Mason
1969 Janet Kaull
1970 John R. Blodgett
1971 John H. Blodgett, Jr.
1972 John R. Blodgett
1973 Jay Rude
1974 Jay Rude
1975 Richard Robie, III
1976 Richard Robie, III
1978 Eric Cressy
1979 Robert Mayer
1980 Ward Blodgett
1982 Andy Page and Beth Rotner
1983 Liz Wales and Elaine McEntee
1984 Buster Pike
1986 Bonnie Eissner
1987 Gary Cohen
1988 Andrew Macaulay
1989 Taylor Hood
1990 Jared and Stephen Hayes
1996 Allison Connolly
1997 Leland McManus
1998 Page Connolly
1999 Lauren Gross
2000 Not awarded
2001 Seamus B. Kraft
2002 No Award Given
2003 Alex Cook
2004 Kendall Reiley
2005 Jamie Altreuter
2006 Jamie Altreuter
2007 Alix Israel
2008 Kristin Altreuter / Ashley Noble
2009 Paula Grasberger
2011 Davis Gold & Ben Thorne
2018 JC LaCerda Jones
2019 Max Dressel

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