The Frederick J. Shepard III Memorial Trophy
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The Frederick J. Shepard III Memorial Trophy was presented to the Pleon Yacht Club in 1944 by the close friends of the former Commodore. This trophy was presented as a memorial to one of the greatest junior yachtsmen who had been a member at Pleon. His ideals were high, and it is our duty to see that these ideals are preserved in all the future yachtsmen that the Pleon Yacht Club turns out. It is not only the idea of this trophy to be a memorial to Eric, but also a symbol of the peak of perfection.

This trophy and the Wood Bowl are the two most prestigious awards at Pleon. Only when a member warrants the presentation will it be given. As to the qualities that are necessary, perfection in racing tactics and sportsmanship are the prerequisites. The donors believe that these qualities will bring the recipient closer to the ideals that were championed by Shepard.


1944 John Marvin
1946 Bryon Wiswell
1947 John Henry Blodggett, Jr.
1949 Gardner Dudley Shepard
1952 John Breed Newhall, II
1954 George H. Stephenson
1955 Francis U. Paige
1956 John W. Adams
1957 Stedman Amory
1958 Geoffrey Mason
1959 Jonathan Wales
1959 Thomas Welch
1960 Jonathan Wales
1961 Stephen Wales
1962 William Lewis Pevear
1963 Holly Harris
1963 Kathy Saunders
1964 David A. Curtis
1965 Robert E. Doyle
1966 David Curtis
1967 Peter Warren
1968 Robert E. Doyle
1969 Peter Warren
1970 Richard T. Doyle
1971 Buddy Duncan
1972 Bob McCann
1973 Mark O'Connor
1975 Jay Rude
1976 Ann Mayer
1977 Gerald Braun
1978 Thomas E. Hardenbergh
1979 Gerald Braun
1980 Nicholas Burke
1981 Eric Cressy
1981 Rob Hallawell
1982 Philip Beauchesne
1983 David Nelson
1984 Philip Beauchesne
1986 Buster Pike
1986 Hugh Hallawell
1987 JonWales
1988 Stu Wales
1989 Ethan Doyle
1990 Ethan Doyle
1992 Seth Moulton
1992 Thacher Knight
1993 Ramsay Key
1994 Jane Loutrel
1995 Cristin Sager
1996 Lisa Keith
1997 Charles Key
1998 Matthew Hooks
1999 No Award
2000 Kyle Smith
2002 Thomas Barrows
2002 Tomos Hornos
2003 Michael Easton
2004 Thomas Barrows
2005 Thomas Barrows
2006 No Award Given
2007 Brian Drumm
2008 Ian Barrows
2009 Gram Slattery
2011 Ian Barrows
2018 Wil Bedford

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