Pleon Trophy
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The Pleon Trophy was presented in 1951 by the Board of Directors and the Senior Sustaining Members of the Pleon Yacht Club. It is to be awarded when merited to that member of the club who has shown the most outstanding administrative skill, zeal, and perseverance since the last award. The Pleon Trophy, like the Shepard Trophy that it complements, is designed to reward high achievement and faithful service in one of the two fields both of which are prerequisite for the Wood Bowl.

It is, therefore, one of the highest honors within the gift of the Pleon, and will be awarded only when its high standards are met. It will remain in the possession of the winner until next won, and the winner will retain a small replica.


1951 William Mason Gray
1952 Albert Cole Parker
1953 Phillip Tierney and Jane Stephenson
1954 Michael Francis Kenney
1955 Elizabeth Haskell
1956 Gail Bromley
1957 Stedman Amory
1958 Stephen Newhall
1959 Roger Stone
1960 Nancy Mae Burns
1961 James Whipple
1962 Alan Walkley Bell
1963 William Lewis Pevear
1964 Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Mason and Phillip Smith
1965 Richard McManus
1966 Richard F. McManus
1967 Sandra Adams
1968 John H. Blodgett, Jr.
1969 James Nathenson
1970 Robert Shapiro, George
1971 Peter Warren
1972 Evan Nystedt
1973 Evan Nystedt
1974 Phillip J. Smith
1975 William S. Kaull, Jr.
1977 James Tobias Reiley
1978 Suzanne L. Connolly
1979 Richard S. Robie, III
1980 Andy Stephenson
1981 Kent Hallawell
1983 Robert McCann
1984 Whitney Slade
1985 Caroline Tompkins
1987 Fred Bush
1989 Jennifer Coolidge
1992 Fred Bush
1992 Seth Moulton
1993 Andy Dobin and Thomas Miller
1994 Lindsey Knight
1995 Lisa Keith
1996 Cristin Sager
1997 No Award Given
1998 No Award Given
1999 Matthew Velluto
2000 Ben Willard
2001 No Award Given
2002 No Award Given
2003 Seamus B. Kraft
2004 Susan Schneider
2005 Mary Ellen Hart
2006 Cindy Smith
2007-2009 No Award Given

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