Arthur Goodwin Wood Memorial Bowl & Pleon Yacht Club's Gold Medal of Merit
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The Arthur Goodwin Wood Memorial Trophy was offered to perpetuate the memory and services of the late Arthur Goodwin Wood, founder and first commodore of the club in 1887, and a yachtsman who always held the Pleon's welfare foremost as he served for many years as its beloved and trusted advisor. It is awarded only to those distinguished members who have performed long and notable service within the club or in recognition of some outstanding achievement that reflects credit upon the Pleon Yacht Club.

The recipient is generally chosen by the Graduate Committee, acting on its own initiative or upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee. The names of the winners are inscribed upon the Wood Bowl.

2019 Hunter Zonnenberg
2011 Kyle Heffrin
2007 - 2010 No Award Given
2006 Nat Taylor
2005 No Award Given
2004 Seamus B. Kraft
2000-2003 No Award Given
1999 Matthew Hooks
1995-98 No Award Given
1994 Ramsay Key
1990 Heather Cressy
1988 Charlie Pendleton
1986-1987 Ward Bloggett
1985 Andy Page
1984 Tommy Tompkins
1982 John Hamilton
1979 Suzanne L. Connolly
1977 Don J. Quill
1974 James K. Drewry
1973 Richard C. McCann
1972 Bill Burke
1971 John Nystedt
1970 Robert N. Shapiro
1968 Richard Thomas Doyle
1967 Jonathan G. Curtis
1966 John Anthony Curtin, Jr.
1965 David Curtis
1964 Alan Bell
1963 Richard A. Kimball
1962 Nicholas Van Houten Kip
1960 Douglas Otto Nystedt
1959 Stephen Newhall
1958 B. Devereux Barker, III
1956 John Adams
1955 George Stephenson
1953 Nancy Paige
1952 John Breed Newhall, II
1951 Thomas Bacon Loring
1950 Joseph Stedman Williams Parker
1949 Preston Tapley Stephenson, Jr.
1947 John Henry Bloggett, Jr.
1945 Margery Watson
1944 Barbra Lane Connolly
1942 George Dyer O'Day
1941 John Leviseur Newman
1940 Mary Louise Stephenson
1938 Frederick Johnson Shepard, III
1937 Peter Squire Langmaid
1936 William Thomas Haley, Jr.
1934 Parker Haddaway Jones
1932 Hamilton Young
1931 Frank Stanton Deland, Jr.
1930 Sherman Morss
1928 Lawrence French Percival, Jr.
1927 Loenard Munn Fowle, Jr.
1926 Richard Salter Thayer

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