Fall 2020 Class Descriptions

420 RACE

The 420 Race Team is meant for sailors who have a desire to race on the regional and national level, sailors push each other to compete on a high level. There is a strong emphasis on independence. Each program day starts at 11 am ready and rigged and ends at 4 pm. The parent gate/no-go zone is also in effect during the Fall.

Skills Taught: Advanced starting techniques and racing tactics; Understanding starting and stopping a boat; Covering and wind-shadows; Advanced understanding of racing rules; Team racing

Signing up with a partner is highly encouraged if you need a partner please emailKieran@pleon.org

Sailors are required to wear gear appropriate for fall sailing conditions with cold water and air temperatures. Sailors must bring a PFD, proper footwear, gloves, hat, water, and snacks. Drysuits or wetsuits are required for practice.Sailors in the 420 Race class should have completed 420 Development or 420 Race or an equivalent level class.


The 420- Intermediate class is meant for sailors who have a desire to spend time both racing and improving their overall sailing ability. It is geared toward sailors who have prior experience sailing in the 420s. In this class, sailors will be introduced to more advanced boat handling maneuvers, race-specific rigging concepts, strategy, and tactics, as well as overall sailing skills. While racing will be an important component of the curriculum, there is not an expectation that sailors compete in national/regional events. Furthermore, sailors will spend some classes exploring non-racing aspects of sailing.

Skills Taught: Communication with a sailing partner; Moderate and advanced 420 boat-handling and sail trim; Introduction to racing concepts and racing rules; Broader sailing skills. Each program day starts at 11 am ready and rigged and ends at 4 pm. The parent gate/no-go zone is also in effect during the Fall. 420 Intermediate sailing is for anyone who has completed 420 1 or 2 classes or a 420 development sailor who does not want to focus on racing as much.


Opti Intermediate class is for sailors who have successfully completed the Opti 2,3 class, or equivalent. Opti Intermediate will be the first introduction to racing for most sailors. Sailors will continue to improve their sailing skills through more advanced boat handling techniques and simple tactical planning and decision making while they learn basic racing skills through drills and practice racing.

Skills Taught: Proper sail trim and body positioning to maintain control at all points of sail (upwind, downwind, reaching); Tack and gybe from/to any point of sail in control; Sailing in crowded situations; Sailing around a triangular course; Understanding basic racecourses, starting sequence, and basic racing nomenclature. Opti Intermediate is equivalent to Opti Green Fleet level. Opti Intermediate sailors should have completed Opti 2 or 3.


Opti Race Team is for anyone interested in competing on a regional and national level. Sailors in this class prepare to compete in regattas throughout New England and Nationally, sailors focus much of their time at Pleon on fine-tuning race specific techniques. The sailors are taught to work together in order to achieve their collective and individual goals. Each program day start at 11 am ready and rigged and ends at 4 pm. The parent gate/no-go zone is also in effect during the Fall. Sailors in this class are encouraged to own their own boat.

Skills Taught: understanding starting techniques and reading the racecourse; Controlling boat speed and fine-tuning boat handling; Regatta preparation; Understanding racing rules. Opti Racers should have completed Opti Race or Opti Development.

Class Times 11 AM - 4 PM

Sailors should be rigged & ready at 11 AM

Saturdays + Sundays
September 4 - October 27

Rhode Island State Opti Championship @ Sail Newport Sept. 18+19
Halloween Howl @ Sail Newport Oct. 23+24


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